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No comment! Noul Mitropolit al Olteniei: primele statistici…

No comment!

Noul Mitropolit al Olteniei: primele statistici…



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Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople proposes dual communion?


Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople proposes dual communion?

This is the strangest news story I’ve come across in a while. I can’t help but think that there is something seriously wrong with the English translation (hint: I’m guessing “1st century” means “1st millennium”). Anyhow, here’s the story from the Religious Information Service of Ukraine (RISU):

„Munich — In a recent interview with the German ecumenical journal Cyril and Methodius, the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Constantinople Bartholomew I invited Eastern Catholic Churches to return to Orthodoxy without breaking unity with Rome. He noted that “the Constantinople Mother-Church keeps the door open for all its sons and daughters.” According to the Orthodox hierarch, the form of coexistence of the Byzantine Church and the Roman Church in the 1st century [n.t 1st millennium] of Christianity should be used as a model of unity. This story was posted by on 16 June 2008.

At the same time, the patriarch made positive remarks about the idea of “dual unity” proposed by the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Archbishop Lubomyr (Husar). Patriarch Bartholomew I noted in particular that this model would help to overcome the schism between the Churches.”

I don’t quite understand what the EP is getting at here. Is he proposing dual communion just for the Eastern Catholics after they have returned to Orthodoxy (which makes no ecclesiological sense for either side), or dual communion for all of Orthodoxy, this side of the eschaton?

Has His All-Holiness, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, been possessed by the spirit of Archbishop Elias Zoghby? Assuming that His All-Holiness is really proposing the concept of dual communion, what will be the response of the other local Orthodox Churches, particularly Moscow? What will the monks of Mount Athos do … not to mention the Orthodox convert blogosphere?

Unfortunately, I don’t read German, but perhaps the original story referenced in the RISU article could shed some light on what the EP is talking about (Babelfish helps a little bit).

Hat tip to Byzantine Texas and to Rorate Caeli.

UpdateThis Catholic World News article has a bit more detail. Still, it would be helpful to have what the Patriarch said verbatim.



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File de Pateric – Despre hrana sfintilor


File de Pateric

Despre hrana sfintilor

A mai zis [Avva Pimen]: e scris „asa cum inseteaza cerbul dupa izvoarele apelor, tot asa inseteaza sufletul meu dupa Tine, Doamne”*. Devreme ce cerbii in pustie inghit multe taratoare**, si, cand ii arde otrava, tanjesc sa ajunga la apa, beau si se racoresc de veninul taratoarelor; tot asa si monahii, sezand in pustie, sunt arsi de veninul demonilor rai si inseteaza dupa sambata si Duminica***, adica dupa Trupul si Sangele Domnului, ca sa se curateasca de amaraciunea celui rau.

*Psalmul 41, 1-2  „În ce chip doreşte cerbul izvoarele apelor, aşa Te doreşte sufletul meu pe Tine, Dumnezeule./ Însetat-a sufletul meu de Dumnezeul cel viu; când voi veni şi mă voi arăta feţei lui Dumnezeu? ”

** serpi si vietati desertice veninoase.

*** pustinicii eremiti (din desert) aveau randuiala ca sa ramana in pustie toata saptamana (zilele lucratoare), dupa care se adunau in obste pentru slujba liturghiei si pentru agapa sambata si Duminica, cand se puteau si impartasi de Sfintele Taine ale lui Hristos in Biserica.

[Fragment extras din Patericul sau apoftegmele parintilor nostri din pustia Egiptului, Editura Invierea a Arhiepiscopiei Timisoarei, Timisoara, 2002, p.207]



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