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Atheist bus: three Christian groups launch counter-adverts


Atheist bus: three Christian groups launch counter-adverts

The campaigns are being launched following the success of atheist bus adverts – now on 800 buses across Britain after an unprecedented fundraising drive collected £140,000 in donations – that declare: „There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.”

The atheist adverts, devised by Ariane Sherine, a comedy writer, and supported by the British Humanist Association and Professor Richard Dawkins, were themselves a intended as a response to posters on public transport that „threaten eternal damnation” to non-believers.

But now Christian groups have decided that they must regain the initiative.

In one campaign, the Trinitarian Bible Society is putting posters on 100 London buses starting on Monday with a quote from Psalm 53 that reads: „The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.

The £35,000 campaign will also include an offer of a free Bible.

The Rev George Hargreaves, the leader of The Christian Party, is running adverts on 50 bendy buses from next week that proclaim: „There definitely is a God. So join The Christian Party and enjoy your life.

Meanwhile a Russian TV producer is paying for adverts on 25 London buses in March that will feature a photograph of a monastery as well as the slogan: „There is God. Don’t Worry. Enjoy your life!”

Alexander Korobko, the head of the Russian Hour satellite TV channel, which is based in London, said his campaign is being supported by the Russian Orthodox Church.

„We are living in a difficult time, when crisis is being extensively promoted, and people need some life-asserting message,” he said.

However some critics claimed the money spent on the adverts would be better directed at charity projects or improving understanding between religious groups.

Simon Barrow, of the religion and society think tank Ekklesia, said: „It is part of a societal trend to package and ‘sell’ beliefs of all kinds, as if they were commodities.

„Many people will feel this has little to do with anything Christianly or humanly edifying. One has to wonder whether the purveyors of pro- and anti-God slogans really think they will persuade people? It feels more like a war of position between groups who cannot resist ‘having a go back’.

„But imagine if these tens of thousands of pound could be spent meeting human need and promoting understanding rather than sloganising. That might be both more persuasive and more useful.”


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Obama to create faith-based office

Obama 2008

Obama to create faith-based office

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama said Thursday he will establish a White House office of faith-based initiatives that will show no favoritism to any religious group and adhere to the strict separation of church and state.

Addressing the National Prayer Breakfast, Obama spoke of how faith has often been a divisive tool, responsible for war and prejudice. But, he said, „there is no religion whose central tenet is hate. There is no God who condones taking the life of an innocent human being,” and all religions teach people to love and care for one another. That is the common ground underlying his faith-based office, he said.

In personal terms, he talked about the role of faith in his life, from his Muslim-born father and a mother skeptical of organized religion to his own embrace of Christianity as a young man.

„In a world that grows smaller by the day, perhaps we can begin to crowd out the destructive forces of zealotry and make room for the healing power of understanding,” Obama told the gathering of lawmakers, dignitaries and world leaders. „This is my hope. This is my prayer.

Dogged throughout the presidential campaign by rumors that he was a Muslim, Obama described his background in a household that wasn’t religious.

„I had a father who was born a Muslim but became an atheist, grandparents who were non-practicing Methodists and Baptists, and a mother who was skeptical of organized religion, even as she was the kindest, most spiritual person I’ve ever known. She was the one who taught me as a child to love, and to understand, and to do unto others as I would want done,” he said.

Obama planned to sign an executive order later in the day creating the White House Office on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. It would expand and refocus the faith-based office founded by former President George W. Bush.

Obama said the organization will not favor any one religious group over another, will work with communities and will act „without blurring the line that our founders wisely drew between church and state.”

The president will also appoint Joshua DuBois, a 26-year-old Pentecostal minister who headed religious outreach for Obama’s Senate office and later his campaign, to lead the partnerships office and name 25 religious and secular leaders to a new advisory board.

During his presidential campaign, Obama said he wanted to expand White House faith-based efforts begun under Bush. But while he endorsed Bush’s initiative to give religious groups more access to federal funding, he also promised to make some changes to the office.

Obama’s advisers want to be certain tax dollars sent to the faith-based social service groups are used for secular purposes, such as feeding the hungry or housing the homeless, and not for religious evangelism. The administration doesn’t want to be perceived as managing the groups yet does want transparency and accountability.

Obama pledged during the campaign to allow taxpayer-funded religious institutions to hire and fire based on religion – but only for the activities run on private funding.

One question is whether the faith-based office will issue grants under the Bush rules while the hiring policy is worked out.

Associated Press Writer


Obama Reaffirms His `Abiding Commitment' to Israel in his visit to Holy Land July 2008

Former White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives building on Jackson Place in Washington, D.C.

Former White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives building on Jackson Place in Washington, D.C.



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Biblia Noului Ierusalim finantata de un evreu-roman


Patriarhul Fouad Twal si Nati Meir

Biblia Noului Ierusalim finantata de un evreu-roman

Ziua on line, Nr. 4454 de joi, 5 februarie 2009

O editie speciala a Bibliei de la Ierusalim, care va fi tiparita in 70 de milioane de exemplare si tradusa in 17 limbi, este pe cale sa obtina girul mai multor patriarhi, atat ai Bisericii Catolice, cat si ai celei Ortodoxe. Daca proiectul Noii Biblii va reusi, evenimentul va fi cel mai important pas spre apropierea dintre cele doua biserici-surori, dupa Marea Schisma din 1054.

Finantatorul Noii Biblii este ex-deputatul roman, Nati Meir, de origine evreiasca. Nati Meir a avut zilele trecute mai multe intalniri la Ierusalim cu o serie de patriarhi si personalitati ai celor doua biserici. Monseniorul Fouad Twal, Patriarhul Latin al Ierusalimului, s-a declarat incantat de editia pilot realizata de editura „Sacralion”, a carei specialisti au adunat timp de 60 de ani valoroase imagini document despre locurile sfinte ale crestinatatii, imagini care, inserate in lucrare, vor face mult mai usor de inteles mesajul acesteia. Monseniorul Fouad Twal a luat decizia sa trimita o scrisoare patriarhului roman, prea-fericitul Daniel, pentru a-i solicita sprijin pentru aparitia unei versiuni in limba romana. O copie a lucrarii a fost trimisa la Vatican. Papa Benedict al XVI-lea urmeaza sa se intalneasca cu initiatorii proiectului. Nati Meir si reprezentantii editurii „Sacralion” s-au vazut la Ierusalim si cu Teofilus – Patriarhul ortodox al Ierusalimului, pentru obtinerea girului acestuia asupra editiei ce va fi tiparita pentru credinciosii ortodocsi. Patriarhul Teofilus a transmis delegatiei ca, in scurt timp, va face cunoscuta decizia sa.

Razvan SAVALIUC – Ierusalim






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Vaticanul i-a ordonat episcopului care a negat Holocaustul sa-si retraga declaratiile


Vaticanul i-a ordonat episcopului care a negat Holocaustul sa-si retraga declaratiile

Ziua on line, nr. 4454, 5 februarie 2009

Vaticanul spune ca i-a ordonat episcopului Richard Williamson sa se „distanteze” de opiniile sale intr-o „maniera absolut inechivoca si publica”. Cardinalul Tarcisio Bertone, secretarul de Stat al Vaticanului, a declarat miercuri ca lui Williamson nu i se va permite sa-si desfasoare activitatea de preot daca nu isi va retrage declaratiile. Bertone a explicat ca opiniile episcopului despre Holocaust „nu erau cunoscute de Suveranul Pontif la momentul anularii excomunicarii”.

Un procuror german a anuntat miercuri ca a lansat o ancheta penala impotriva episcopului catolic care a negat ca nazistii au ucis intentionat 6 milioane de evrei, informeaza CNN. Guenther Ruckdaeschel, procuror din Regensburg, a declarat ca autoritatile investigeaza daca declaratiile facute de episcopul Richard Williamson pot fi considerate o „incitare la ura rasiala”. Conform codului penal german, negarea Holocaustului este o faradelege si se poate pedepsi cu pana la 5 ani de inchisoare. Procurorul a explicat ca a inceput ancheta pe 23 ianuarie, dupa ce a aflat de declaratiile facute de episcopul Williamson pentru Swedish Public Broadcasting. In interviul acordat postului suedez, episcopul a negat ca nazistii au folosit camere de gazare in lagarele de concentrare. „Cred ca nu au existat camere de gazare” a subliniat episcopul in timpul interviului.

Ruckdaeschel a decis sa laseze investigatia in Regensburg, pentru ca interviul a fost dat de episcopul Williamson in timpul unui seminar al Societatii Sfantului Pius al X-lea, in orasul Zaitzkofen, aflat in apropiere.

Ruckdaeschel a declarat pentru CNN ca un reprezentant legal al episcopului l-a contactat si i-a spus ca monseniorul Williamson neaga acuzatiile. Reprezentantul episcopului a explicat ca Williamson a spus postului de televiziune ca nu doreste ca interviul sa fie difuzat si in afara Suediei si, de aceea, declaratiile sale nu cad sub incidenta dreptului german. Conform codul penal german, comentariile care glorifica sau neaga crimele comise de nazisti sau de catre national-socialisti sunt o crima doar daca sunt facute publice. Procurorul german a spus ca va incerca sa ii interoghieze pe cei doi reporteri suedezi care au luat interviul si a explicat ca este putin probabil ca episcopul sa trebuiasca sa apara in fata instantei, deoarece el este, in prezent, in Argentina. Cu toate acestea, este posibil ca el sa fie nevoit sa dea o declaratie scrisa in acest caz. Williamson si-a cerut scuze saptamana trecuta pentru problemele cauzate de declaratiile sale Suveranului Pontif insa nu le-a retractat.





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Contraceptia masculina vine sub forma de injectii


O noua gaselnita a medicilor in planul lor avortiv-diabolic de a  distruge si mai mult familia> injectarea cu progesteron si androgen in barbati pentru ca sa nu mai poata fi acuzati de avort, ci doar de… sterilitate *(prin barbat), ca faradelegea sa fie si mai mare. Daca pana acum au incercat sa distruga femeia, acum vine si randul barbatilor.


Contraceptia masculina vine sub forma de injectii

Planificarea familiala este o un aspect asupra caruia vor putea intervenii si barbatii, la propriu, in scurt timp. Practic, venirea pe lume a unui copil nu va mai depinde de contraceptia feminina, caci de acum vor avea si barbatii ceva de facut in acest sens.

Institutul de cercetare ANZAC, din Australia, a devenit campul de testare a unui nou contraceptiv, destinat barbatilor care vor sa decida singuri asupra posibilitatii de a deveni tatici. Acesta va fi sub forma de injectie, administrata de doua ori in fiecare luna, si blocheaza functia reproductiva, intocmai ca si pilula contraceptiva feminina.

El pastreaza nivelul testosteronului la cote normale, in timp ce progestativul „pacaleste” creierul sa nu mai elibereze hormonii necesari producerii spermei.

Cercetatorii asigura toti potentialii interesati ca medicamentul cu pricina nu afecteaza in nici un fel sexualitatea masculina, iar fertilitatea se reinstaleaza in trei luni de la oprirea tratamentului. Cel putin asta indica testele efectuate pana in prezent si care au mai indicat ca anticonceptionalul este eficient in 95% dintre cazuri.

In prezent, contraceptivul se afla intr-o alta serie de teste, urmand sa ajunga pe piata daca specialistii considera ca nu reprezinta nici un pericol la adresa sanatatii barbatilor.



Contraceptie pentru prevenirea sarcinii si pentru barbati

Inca de la aprobarea pilulelor contraceptive in 1960, barbatii au fost in general marginalizati in privinta masurilor de contraceptie. Femeile care incerca sa previna o posibila sarcina au o varietate larga de pilule contraceptive, plasturi si dispozitive intrauterine, dar in privinta contraceptiei masculine optiunile sunt mult mai restranse: fie contraceptia temporara – prin intermediul prezervativului, fie contraceptia permanenta – prin vasectomie.

Dar responsabilitatea in privinta planificarii familiale nu mai trebuie sa fie pentru mult timp doar in sarcina femeii.

De cativa ani, cercetatorii lucreaza la un contraceptiv hormonal pentru barbati care sa aiba efect pe termen indelungat dar sa nu fie un tip de contraceptie permanenta prin stoparea productiei de sperma. Pana la ora actuala, metoda dezvoltata de cercetatori pare sa fie eficienta pentru prevenirea sarcinilor – mai eficienta chiar si decat prezervativul – dar problemele care raman sa fie rezolvate sunt cele legate de reversibilitatea metodei.

Intr-o recenzie a studiilor anterioare privind acest subiect, cercetatorii au ajuns la concluzia ca, dupa oprirea acestei metode contraceptive masculine – contraceptia hormonala – majoritatea barbatilor redevin fertili in mai putin de 5 luni. Pana la 90 % dintre barbati isi redobandesc fertilitatea in mai putin de un an.

„Aceste descoperiri sunt promitatoare privind realizarea unui nou tip contraceptiv masculin care va permite acestora sa contribuie mai cinstit la satisfactiile si la raspunderea planingului familial” au declarat autorii acestui studiu.

Majoritatea contraceptivelor hormonale masculine aflate in stadiu de dezvoltare contin o combinatie de progesteron si un androgen. Efectele acestor doi hormoni sunt de blocare a semnalului ce declanseaza producerea spermei, similar cu efectul pilulelor contraceptive feminine care impiedica eliberarea ovulului.

Insa contraceptia masculina nu pare sa fie atat de simplu de administrat precum pilulele contraceptive feminine.

Dr. Peter Liu, unul dintre autorii studiului este de parere ca aceasta metoda contraceptiva hormonala va avea efectul cel mai puternic prin combinarea unei injectii lunare cu un androgen, de exemplu testosteron, la care se va adauga progesteronul sub forma unei pilule zilnice sau a unei capsule cu eliberare lenta implantata subcutanat. De asemenea trebuie mentionat faptul ca metodele contraceptive hormonale nu protejeaza impotriva bolilor cu transmitere sexuala.

Efectele secundare ale acestei metode contraceptive vor fi minore: durere de mica intensitate sau echimoza la locul injectarii. Unii barbati care au testat metode contraceptive similare in cadrul studiilor clinice s-au plans de faptul ca tratamentul determina cresterea manifestarilor acneei. Cu toate acestea, inca nu a fost finalizat nici un studiu pe termen lung  si Dr. Liu sugereaza ca ar trebui efectuate inainte de lansarea pe piata si studii privind impactul acestor metode contraceptive hormonale asupra prostatei si sistemului cardiovascular.

In ceea ce priveste popularitatea acestei metode contraceptive, Dr. Liu este optimist si crede ca barbatii vor dori sa aiba un rol mai important in privinta planingului familial dupa aparitia pe piata a metodei contraceptive hormonale.

„Cuplurile vor sa imparta responsabilitatile privind planingul familial si aceasta metoda le permite acest lucru”, a declarat Dr.Liu.



Contraceptive for men a shot in the arm

NEW Australian-developed contraceptive jab for men, taken four times a year, has been proven to be just as effective as birth-control pills for women. Sydney researchers found the hormonal injection is a quick and reliable method of contraception for up to 95 per cent of males.

Until now, the only effective non-barrier contraceptive for men was a vasectomy, meaning that women tended to take on theresponsibility.

Now there is an alternative – but pharmaceutical companies have shown little interest in making it available to the public.

The new jab works by suppressing sperm output but does not have a permanent effect.

Made up of a combination of the hormones androgen and progestin –  mostly testosterone –  it needs to be administered every two to three months.

Researchers from the ANZAC Research Institute, University of Sydney and Concord Hospital studied 1756 men aged 18 to 51 and found the combined jab was quicker and more effective than an androgen-only version.

Associate Professor Peter Liu, co-author of the integrated analysis study, said he was disappointed pharmaceutical companies had pulled out of the project to develop a commercially available male contraceptive jab.

„I think there’s a real need for it because I see a lot of couples where a female doesn’t want to use or is intolerant to a female contraceptive pill or males who want to delay vasectomy” Professor Liu said.

„There are also couples who say it’s not fair, why should (birth control) be up to the female? I hear that from both partners.”

Research has been hindered by a shortage of government interest and funding.

„My perception is that people want it but it seems to be that somehow that isn’t being heard at a government level,” Professor Liu said.

„No one has really pushed this issue and I don’t know why that is. Sometimes, the Government doesn’t know what the community wants so the community has to tell them.”

The jab is as effective as a vasectomy without the need for surgery or stopping sperm completely, according to the study which has been published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Medical Observer magazine.

„We conclude that androgen-progestin administration can suppress sperm output in a timely fashion to concentrations that are compatible with reliable contraception in most, but not all, men,” the study authors wrote.

„The rate of suppression is comparable to that achieved after vasectomy.”

The World Health Organisation is understood to be planning an international study to test a three-monthly androgen-progestin combination injection for men.

Countries such as China, where population growth is exploding, are expected to be among the biggest markets for the new jab.




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