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Roman Catholic Church grabs chance to attack birth control pill


Viagra scientist Dr. Simon Campbell and the "father of the pill" Dr. Carl Djerassi (hungarian-born) pictured in front of Damien Hirst's Virgin Mother artwork at Burlington House, London.

Roman Catholic Church grabs chance

to attack birth control pill , Wednesday 7 January 2009

Roman Catholic leaders have pounced on a „confession” by one of the inventors of the birth control pill who has said the contraceptive he helped create was responsible for a „demographic catastrophe”.

In an article published by the Vatican this week, the head of the world’s Roman Catholic doctors broadened the attack on the pill, claiming it had also brought „devastating ecological effects” by releasing into the environment „tons of hormones” that had impaired male fertility.

The assault began with a personal commentary in the Austrian newspaper Der Standard by 85-year-old Carl Djerassi. The Austrian chemist was one of three whose formulation of the synthetic progestogen Norethisterone marked a key step towards the earliest oral contraceptive pill.

Djerassi outlined the „horror scenario” that occurred because of the population imbalance, for which his invention was partly to blame. He said that in most of Europe there was now „no connection at all between sexuality and reproduction”. He said: „This divide in Catholic Austria, a country which has on average 1.4 children per family, is now complete.”

He described families who had decided against reproduction as „wanting to enjoy their schnitzels while leaving the rest of the world to get on with it”.

The fall in the birth rate, he said, was an „epidemic” far worse – but given less attention – than obesity. Young Austrians, he said, were committing national suicide if they failed to procreate. And if it were not possible to reverse the population decline they would have to understand the necessity of an „intelligent immigration policy”.

The head of Austria’s Catholics, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, told an interviewer that the Vatican had forecast 40 years ago that the pill would lead to a dramatic fall in the birth rate in the west. „Somebody above suspicion like Carl Djerassi … is saying that each family has to produce three children to maintain population levels, but we’re far away from that.”

Schönborn told Austrian TV that when he first read Pope Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical condemning artificial contraception he viewed it negatively as a „cold shower”. But he said he had altered his views as, over time, it had proved „prophetic”.

Writing for the Vatican daily, L’Osservatore Romano, the president of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations, José María Simón, said research from his association also showed the pill „worked in many cases with a genuinely … abortive effect”.

Angelo Bonelli, of the Italian Green party, said it was the first he had heard of a link between the pill and environmental pollution. The worst of poisons were to be found in the water supply. „It strikes me as idiosyncratic to be worried about this.”

A leading gynaecologist and member of the New York Academy of Science, professor Gian Benedetto Melis, called Simón’s claims „science fiction”, saying that the pill blocked ovulation only.




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