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Urarea de bun-venit a Sanctitatii Sale, Patriarhul Ecumenic Bartolomeu, adresata participantilor Conferintei Episcopilor Romano-Catolici din Sud-Estul Europei *(7 martie 2009)


Urarea de bun-venit a Sanctitatii Sale, Patriarhul Ecumenic Bartolomeu, adresata participantilor Conferintei Episcopilor Romano-Catolici din Sud-Estul Europei *(7 martie 2009)

Dragi frati intru Hristos,

Este cu adevarat o bucurie sa intampin cinstita si venerabila voastra adunare la Istanbul, candva Orasul Imperial al Constantinopolului, fiind Scaunul Noii Rome si Patriarhia Ecumenica, sora Bisericii Vechii Rome.
Va intampinam aici ca pe-o familie, pretuind, inainte de toate, stransele relatii dintre Bisericile noastre, dar, de asemenea, recunoscand si importanta adunarii si intalnirii fratilor ierarhi laolalta in meditatie, reflectie si sfatuire.

Ne readucem aminte, cu mare afectiune, vizita istorica din Noiembrie 2006 la Fanar a Sanctitatii Sale, fratelui nostru intru Hristos, Papa Benedict al XVI-lea, foarte curand dupa alegerea si instalarea sa, continuand astfel inradacinata traditie a predecesorului sau, raposatul Papa Ioan Paul al II-lea. In acelasi timp, nu putem uita numeroasele noastre vizite la Vatican, cea mai recenta de care sa amintesc fiind, la invitatia personala  a Sanctitatii Sale, in cadrul  celei de-a XII-a Adunari Generale  a Sinodul Episcopilor in Roma, octombrie 2008.

Precum stiti, aceste intalniri unice sunt cu mult mai mult decat  istorice, ele sunt sacre [sfintite, sfinte], in aceeasi masura pe cat ele readuc vindecare unei Biserici frante [rupte] si incredere poporului lui Dumnezeu. Mai mult, ele ne indreptatesc sa afirmam radacinile si viziunile comune pentru unitate, de asemenea, sa si transmitem declaratii comune asupra problemelor critice ale lumii si timpului nostru, precum e declaratia de la Venetia, semnata de Smerenia Noastra impreuna cu Papa Ioan Paul al II-lea, pe seama eticilor legate de mediul inconjurator (fiind prima de pana acum a Bisericilor noastre, pe seama arzatoarei probleme legata de schimbarea climei si degradarii ecologice) si declaratia de la Istanbul, semnata de Papa Benedict si Noi, in solidaritatea noastra, in lupta pentru pace si intelegere reciproca.

Cu toate acestea, intalnirea voastra proprie, ca frati ierarhi, este in egala masura esentiala in timpurile noastre de ananghie, cand insecuritatea globala si navalnica saracie cuprind lumea. Azi este nevoie de un raspuns la obiect si rugator din partea liderilor bisericii la problemele intampinate de credinciosi. Este, asadar, responsabilitatea noastra sa folosim timpul – pentru retragere si innoire spirituala – ca sa reflectam la vocatia noastra si sa raspundem indatoririlor noastre, asa precum Hristos a facut-o. Trupul lui Hristos cere asta de la noi, ca episcopi ai Bisericii, si poporul lui Dumnezeu cu siguranta merita nimic mai putin de la noi.

Va dorim toata binecuvantarea in dezbaterile voastre. Si va rugam amintiti-va, casa noastra este si casa voastra. Bine ati venit!

trad. dan.camen.


Greeting by His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to the Participants of the Roman Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Southeastern Europe (7 March 2009).

Dear Brothers in the Lord,

It is truly a joy to welcome your esteemed and venerable gathering to Istanbul, formerly the Royal City of Constantinople, being the See of New Rome and the Ecumenical Patriarchate, sister of the Church of the Elder Rome.

We welcome you here as family, honoring first of all the close relations between our two Churches, but also recognizing the importance of brother hierarchs assembling and meeting together in meditation, reflection and consultation.

We recall with great affection the historical visit in November 2006 to the Phanar of His Holiness, our Brother in Christ, Pope Benedict XVI, very soon after his election and installation, continuing the established tradition of his predecessor, the late Pope John Paul II. At the same time, we cannot forget our numerous visits to the Vatican, most recently to address, at the personal invitation of His Holiness, the Synod of Bishops during the XIIth Ordinary General Assembly in Rome in October of 2008.

As you know, these unique encounters are more than merely historical; they are sacred, inasmuch as they restore healing to a broken Church and trust to the people of God. Moreover, they enable us to affirm our shared roots and vision for unity, as well as to deliver common declarations on critical issues of our world and our time, such as the statement in Venice signed by our Modesty with Pope John Paul II on environmental ethics (being the first ever by our two Churches on the burning problem of climate change and ecological degradation) and the statement in Istanbul signed by Pope Benedict and ourselves on our solidarity in the effort for peace and mutual understanding.

Nevertheless, your own meeting as brother hierarchs is equally essential in our troubled times, when global insecurity and rampant poverty grip our world. Today, there is need for a focused and prayerful response by church leaders to the problems faced by our faithful. It is, therefore, our responsibility to take the time – in spiritual retreat and renewal – to reflect on our vocation and respond to our obligations in Christ-like manner. The Body of Christ demands this of us as bishops of the Church; and the people of the Lord surely deserve no less of us.

We wish you every blessing in your deliberations. And, please remember, our home is your home. Welcome.





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